SERVICES | Planning & Implementation (matchmaking)

Global Facts takes pride in guaranteeing a long time co-operation. It participates during project planning but also during implementation following our BOT concept.

1. Project Planning
Establish a good understanding of the project by analyzing the market and the technical, technological, economic, and financial dimensions of production. Write a business plan. Connect the initiative to (local and foreign) investors, financial institutions, market parties and buyers.

2. Project Implementation


i.  Building

    Make a clever engineering design

    Supply the equipment and installations according to the design

    Test and commission the equipment and installations

ii. Operating

    Supply operational and/or commercial managers (1-2 years interim management).

    Training the operating staff and train the management staff

iii. Transfer

     Hand-over a well established project after 3 to 5 years of involvement.

     Share profits

  Design: KVL Reclame