Sep 2012 - EGP / EBRD Coaching Krajina Klas Bakery in Bosnia

May-Dec 2012 - EGP / EBRD Coaching EKOBEL Plum factory in Bosnia

Apr - Aug 2012 - GIZ/AFCI Cigar Box training & Export Marketing training in Tajikistan

Mrt 2012 - CBI, Peru: Training for participation in market development exhibition

Feb 2012 - Bakery initiative, Netherlands: Feasibility study India bakery project

Jan 2012 - Big Machinery, Guinee: Market development


Dec 2011 - CBI, Peru: Cigar Box, Kompass training for export promotion

Nov 2011 - Big Machinery, Sudan: Marketing Big Machinery

Nov 2011 - CBI, Peru: Building Market access

Nov 2011 - Cigar Box Training in Wageningen University students

Oct 2011 - Bakery Initiatives, Netherlands: Kolos Ukraine, new bread factory building

Oct 2011 - Big Machinery, Guinee: Marketing Big Machinery

Sep 2011 - HWA, Tajikistan: Candied fruit training- Know how & Show how

Aug 2011 - Organic Growers & Packers, Kenya: Organic Mango concentrate factory

Aug 2011 - ITC, Zimbabwe: Leader, shoes production & marketing

July 2011 - CBI, Peru: Coaching export specialists for Lima Chamber of Commerce

July 2011 - Bakery Initiatives, Kiev, Ukraine: new bakery system for KOLOS Ltd

May 2011 - GIZ, Afghanistan, Viessmann I-PPP mission for IAK

Apr 2011 - GIZ, Afghanistan, Export-promotion mission for IAK

Mar 2011 - GIZ, Eschborn, Germany-Project meeting

Feb 2011 - ITC, wrap up mango strategy for ECOWAS, Senegal

Jan 2011 - Bakery-initiatives, Market research for biscuit factory in Boma, Congo

2010         - New Year party with Laurenz & Deem

Dec 2010 - FAO Rome, Eastagri website update

Nov 2010 - FAO Serbia Warehouse Receipts

Nov 2010 - ITC Mali, Mango Processing Conference with ECOWAS

Nov 2010 - Training in Wageningen University

Oct 2010 - ITC Nigeria, Conference preparation

Aug 2010 - Wedding of Olivier & Anushik

Jun 2010 - ITC mission to Guinee, GAG

Apr 2010 - ITC mission to Guinee, GAG

Feb 2010 - Renewed contract in Jamaica, training on CB3 for SRC staff

Jan 2010 - FAO meeting in Rome


Dec 2009 - Meeting ITC in Geneve' with all clients

Nov 2009 - ITC Samoa, Agriculture market merging

Oct 2009 - CFC Burundi, Flower business

Sep 2009 - FAO Tajikistan, evaluation of CB after 3 month

July 2009 - New partnership with IMS in Yerevan, Armenia

June 2009 - ITC sponsored project in Jamaica

Apr 2009 - FAO/BAS sponsored project launched in North Tajikistan to introduce CB3

Mar 2009 - IFC sponsored project to help SugdAgroService in Khujand, Tajikistan

Jan 2009 - Global Facts starts CIGAR BOX campaign


Apr 2008 - ITC sponsored project in Bangladesh



01/01/09 | Global Facts starts CIGAR BOX campaign | back to top
After 10 years of successful use of the Cigar Box in many commercial and training projects all over the world, Global Facts decided to launch a dedicated web site for Cigar Box users. The web site offers possibilities for free downloads and demonstration projects. Demos are available in English, Russian and French.


  Cigar Box

    Improvement System


22/07/09 | New partnership with IMS in Yerevan, Armenia | back to top
After the successful introduction of Cigar Box 3 (CB3 Operational Monitoring System) in North Tajikistan under the FAO/BAS sponsored project, Global Facts found a strategic partner for the promotion of the Cigar Box Improvement System in Armenia.

Integrated Management Solutions (IMS), owned by Artur Bagdasaryan, is a highly regarded consulting company in the field of ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 accreditation. The combination of ISO accreditation with Cigar Box operational monitoring and cost accounting is a very powerful tool for improvement of the profitability of production companies.













Spring 2009 | FAO-BAS sponsored project in North-Tajikistan | back to top
Three dairy processing companies and three fruit & vegetable processing companies are trained to install CB3 Cigar Box Operational Management System. The FAO team guided by Mr. Frank Hollinger (far left) was composed of 3 international and 5 national experts.

 - Correct Dairy (smetana, kefir, ryazinka, milk)

 - Komron Agro Holding (smetana, kefir, ryazinka, milk)

 - TajFruit (dried apricots)

 - Isfara Canning (apricot puree, tomato paste)

 - Elita Istaravshan (juices)

 - Sharbati Voruh (apricot juice)








June 2009 | ITC sponsored project in Jamaica | back to top
ITC mission to Ackee country Jamaica was organized to improve performance in 6 agro-processing companies on the south side of the Caribbean island. The ITC team was led by Mr. Henri Grzesiak.

 - Southern Fruit Processors (carrot juice, mango nectar)

 - Cancoo Ltd (ackee, soups)

 - Tourejon (vacuum packed sweet potato, yam)

 - Spur Tree Spices (jerk sauces)

 - Livvy's Food (vacuum packed bread fruit, juices)

 - Central Food Packers (ackee, jerk sauces)









Spring 2008 | ITC sponsored project in Bangladesh | back to top
"Bangladesh is not a poor country, it is poorly managed country". These wise words come from the mouth of Brig. Gen. (Red) Mofiz Rahman.


Brig Gen (Red) Mofiz Rahman hands over MOU to Ayurvedia Pharma managing director Mr. Razee Fakhrul

Brig Gen (Red) Mofiz Rahman hands over MOU to

Ayurvedia Pharma managing director Mr. Razee Fakhrul

01/04/06 | Business Plan New Spicul bakery in Bucharest, Romania | back to top
The management of the Romanian bakery S.C. Spicul SA in Bucharest has requested van der Schoot Projecttechniek (Hedel), The Netherlands - specialised in design and engineering of industrial bakeries - to assist in the modernisation of its bakery activities. Van der Schoot Projecttechniek and S.C. Spicul SA have involved ACC Business Creation BV to prepare a full bankable Business Plan for the investment comprising of 5 new production lines for large bread, small bread, pasta, salted chrackers and tortilla chips. Also included in the Business Plan is the upgrading of the flour milling capacity of S.C. Spicul SA.
25/09/05 | FKC passion fruit seedlings at Morogoro, Tanzania | back to top
The nursery of Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) in Morogoro is
nursing the seedlings for Fruit Kin Concentrates (FKC) Ltd with imported
high yielding variety seed from ARC-LNR, Nelspruit, South Africa. The
seedlings will be distributed to the FKC outgrowers and used on the own FKC
farm in Kibaha.  
22/09/05 | Co-operation Kayisi Birlik (Turkey), LFI and ACC | back to top
The apricot production and processing company Kayisi Birlik in Malatya
(Turkey), LFI and ACC Business Creation have agreed to jointly investigate
the opportunity for starting a joint venture for the development of apricot
processing and farming in Malatya.
09/06/05 | Board Meeting Trans Zambezi Industries, Harare, Zimbabwe | back to top
Mr Olivier van Lieshout joins the Board of Trans Zambezi Industries. Trans Zambezi Industries is a major sub-Saharan agricultural production and trading company. The Board has Mr R. Jaravaza (general chairman and chairman of the remuneration committee); Mr F. Le Roux (chairman of the audit and finance committee) and Mr O. van Lieshout (chairman of the investment committee) as non-executive members and Mr E.M. Moyo as executive member.
01/01/05 | Establishment Liquid Food Initiatives (LFI) BV | back to top
Olivier van Lieshout (director ACC Business Creation) in November 2004, founded LFI together with a specialised Belgium and Dutch company with the goal to accelerate the development of the liquid food business in emerging markets. LFI will be a full partner of juice and dairy projects in the former Soviet Union, Africa, Asia and Central and Latin America.
01/01/05 | Participation in FKC Ltd | back to top
ACC Business Creation, via LFI, will participate in a joint venture for the processing of tropical juice in Kibaha, Dar es Salaam Tanzania. The second shareholders meeting of FKC Ltd was held from 30 March to 6 April, 2005 in Palm Beach Hotel, Dar es Salaam.
01/01/05 | Participation in Manzini Ltd | back to top
ACC Business Creation, via LFI, will participate in a joint venture for the processing of tomatoes in Kyrgistan.
01/01/05 | New ACC Business Creation office opened | back to top
As per 1st January 2005, ACC Business Creation shifted its office from Heuvel 12 in Dongen, The Netherlands, to a new office in Den Bosch. The venue of the new office is Helftheuvelweg 11, 5222 AV Den Bosch, Netherlands.
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