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Liquid Food Initiatives (LFI) BV is a private company registered in The Netherlands.  The company was founded in 2004 by VMEngineering BV, ACC Business Creation and De Bie BvbA.

LFI and its owners have a long experience and track record in the dairy and juice industry in Holland, United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany and Japan. And we have many clients in emerging markets in Russia, Montenegro, Croatia, Middle East, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, East, West Africa and South Africa.

Through the experience of its owners, LFI can offer the following goods and services to liquid food projects:

  • Quick scan: what do you want, have and need to make a profit?
  • Technical engineering.
  • Turnkey engineering, installation and commissioning.
  • Match making with suppliers of equipment.
  • Match making with buyers of exportable products.
  • Feasibility studies and preparation of bankable proposals.
  • Match making with financial institutions, incl. World Bank, IFC, EBRD, ADB and development institutions to obtain grants.
  • Product and market development, including branding.
  • Training of management, and of technological and technical staff.

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