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Long Life (UHT) products, low cost

Due to poor cold chain conditions, consumers in many emerging markets require milk products and juices with a long shelf life. Most available equipment for long life products is highly sophisticated, very complex and costly, making it unsuitable for emerging markets.

Entrepreneurs in emerging markets require simpler technology at an affordable price, producing UHT products specifically targeted for these specific markets.

The DX-11 system offers the solution

The DX-11 system, developed by our partner VME, is a modular UHT processing and packaging system for various milk products and juices.

A range of different modules is available, such as reception, blending, sterilization, aseptic filling and CIP. Also the utilities to run the plant efficiently and safely, like steam, water and ice-water are included in the concept.

The end product is packed in aseptic pouches and has a shelf life of up to three months at ambient temperatures.  Possible packages are pouches in 0.25 liter, 0.50 liter or 1 liter or stand-up packs in 0.25 liter or 0.50 liter.

Download the DX-11 folder

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