CIGAR BOX | products | cb2 contribution analysis

CB1 is an instrument of calculation; CB2 is a planning tool. It helps you to decide to expand or shrink your portfolio of products. It contains multiple CB1 sheets: one sheet for each SKU.

Screen shot of CB2 PORTFOLIO sheet: this sample company produces 25 SKUs, hence 25 CB1 sheets are made, each with the color of the product. Sales volumes and sales prices are entered in white boxes that automatically open up.


CB2 PRODUCTS sheet automatically displays the results of the analysis: 2 SKU's have too low margins (red light), 3 are below the company's target margin (orange light), and 5 products are above the target margin (green light).

In the CB2 FIXED COST sheet the company's fixed costs are entered from where links are made to all CB1 sheets.
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