CIGAR BOX | download

The following files can be downloaded:

CB1 Sample Co. English, Russian 

Manual CB1 v3

CB3 Sample Co. Dairy v3 English 

CB3 Sample Co. Fruit & Vegetables v2 Russian

CB4 Processing Company v4 (English)

CB4 Sample Fruit Farm (with CB1)

CB4 Sample Co. French

CB4 Sample Co. Russian (with cell explanation)

CB4 Onion Storage 2009

CB4 Greenhouse 2016

CB4 Sample Bakery 400K


CB5 Value Chain Analysis Afghan Carpets v3 English 

CB5 Value Chain Analysis Peruvian Mangoes (English)

CB5 Value Chain Analysis Zimbabwe Leather

CB6 Customer Satisfaction Analysis (Tomato ketchup) CSI scoring table

Please note that the higher the version, the better the product! We try our best to keep all versions available in every language.

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